PPS1500B Portable Solar Generator

//PPS1500B Portable Solar Generator

PPS1500B Portable Solar Generator

The PPS1500B Portable Solar generator combined Battery Charger allows for AC power in remote locations for convenient portable power. Able to run most variable speed power tools, it provides 1500 Watts continuous power and 3000 Watts peak power. The PPS1500 built-in Ultra-safe Lithium Battery (LiFEPO4) with advanced Battery Management System (BMS) lending to the overall longevity of this product.

  • Rated Power: 1500w continuous (3000w surge)
  • Charger:  AC–1hour(1000w)   Solar–2 hours (with 5 x 100W panels)
  • Output: 230Vac*4  | 12Vdc*2(Max 40A)| 5V USB*4(2.4A)





  1. Internal Battery:  1024 Watt Hours (80 Amp Hours, 12.8 Volts), Lithium LiFEPO4
  2. Battery Life Expectancy:   2,000 Cycles or 10 Years
  3. AC Inverter: 230VAc/50Hz 1,500 Watts Continuous, 3,000 Watts Starting Surge.
  4. Inbuilt AC Charger:1000Watts/80A.
  5. Inbuilt MPPT Solar/DC Charger:  500 Watts/40A
  6. Battery Expansion:  Yes, Accepts Any 12V Lead Acid or AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  7. Weight:  15.5kg for PPSB1500-1024 Portable Solar Generator
  8. Dimensions:  430mm Wide x 210 Tall x 355 Deep
  9. Operating Temperature:  -15°C to +55°C




Model PPS1500B-1024 PPS1500B-1600
Inbuit Battery Capacity 1024Wh 1600Wh
Total output of power station 1500W
Surge Power 3000VA
AC Output Voltage/Connector Qty 230V/50Hz/4pcs
DC Output Voltage/Connector Qty 12V 40A/1pcs 12V 10A/1pcs, 5V 2.4A/4pcs
AC Waveform Pure sine wave
Battery Technology LiFEPO4
Internal Battery Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 1024Wh 1600Wh
Cycle Life 3800 cycles @ 25℃, 80% DOD
AC Input
AC input Voltage 170-280 VACVAC/45-55Hz
AC charge current 80A 80A
Charge time 1 hours
Solar Input
Solar charger type MPPT
Maximum Solar Charge Current 40A 40A
MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage 15 VDC ~80 VDC
Dimension, D x W x H (mm) 210 x 450 x 355
Net Weight (kgs) 15.5 26
Operating Environment
Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity(non-condensing)
Operating Temperature “-15°C – 55°C
Storage Temperature “-25°C – 60°C